An Awesome missionary experience…

My brother sends us emails each week and every week I am amazed at the experiences he is having on his mission. He is truly doing the Lord’s work. Here is one of my favorites:

“This past week I was on exchanges with one of our district Leaders(we conduct exchanges weekly with our District Leaders and “fire exchanges every other day with all the other members in our zone to excite and motivate them for the work) and we had 2 schedules appointments in the very south west corner of our area in a suburb called fountaineblue (this is where I lived when I served in flagler). Well as we finally got there after a 40 minute drive we were on time for our appointments….coming off the freeway on a very busy street we saw a Cuban man (I was driving) who had his hazard lights on. I quickly stopped and switched on our hazard lights and said “oye chico necessita ayuda?” he yelled out in Spanish that he needed a jump and that His car just died in the middle of the street. I was amazed at how many cars were just passing him by and honking at us. So we scurried around the corner and parked our car in a residential street and ran about a half mile back to push his car to our car. Well this mans name was Jose from La Habana, he explained that his car was not holding charge and fear that he wouldn’t even make it home because the jump that we game him probably wouldn’t last. So We offered to follow him home. He seemed shocked and said we didnt have to, then we responded that God put us in His path to get him home that night. He was taken back and said ok. Well, he drove and we followed, then his car died. Mind, this was a 3 lane very busy street. So we pull infront and hit the hazard light and ran back to push his car to our car. We jumped it again. Then…well, he got the car to the next light and it died again….this time we were prepared and pulled into the gas station and then ran back and pushed. This happened about 4-5 times before we were able to make it to his house that night. It took about 1 hour to get there. there was one point where I followed with my hazards and my companion Elder Mackley pushed. We got to His house and this man hugged us with tears in His eyes. We extended a baptismal invitation and He accepted to prepare. We will be going by with the other missionaries in that area to teach him and his family tomorrow.”

It’s 2014!



I wanted to post so many of the pictures I missed of last year but…there are too many. Here are a few from January to begin our year. The boys have been off track since the end of January. It has been nice not to rush anywhere in the morning and I have enjoyed doing extra projects and things with them. It also can get a little crazy around here especially when their friend, Peyton (who I babysit) comes over. I am understanding more why schools began with traditional school. Children are meant to be out of school in the summer. :) Greg began his second semester of his Master’s Degree in the middle of January and is really liking his classes. He seems to do really well. The other day he had a project he needed to do about genealogy. He asked me if he could help find one of my ancestors. Sure enough, he found someone for me and it took him maybe 5 minutes. He is definitely an information guy. I told him that he needed to help me more often. :) Ever since he found this person on my line I have been excited again about family history. I go up and down with it throughout my life. Right now, I can’t seem to stay away from the computer when I get a moment. The church has put so much more information online! A lot of the time I don’t even have to order microfilms or go downtown like I used to. I love that so much information is at our fingertips. The Lord is hastening his work. 

The boys are their usual selves. They began their little music classes and are really enjoying it. Yesterday, I found a paper downstairs with a song the boys wrote about Ninja turtles. They drew a staff with notes and everything. I was so impressed they knew how to do this. I felt really good about their teacher when I first met her and am so pleased with what they are learning. They still enjoy legos, creating anything with paper, playing Ninja Turtles, making melty bead things (I found these at a craft store and my boys can’t get enough of them), etc… Grant has been reading a new series called, “I Survived” (historical fiction books about major events that happened like 9-11, the San Francisco earthquake, etc..)  and he can’t get enough of them. This has made Lance want to start reading chapter books. So much that he doesn’t want to read the assigned reading from his school class (we’re working on that). Lance has really liked kindergarten and is already excited to go back on Monday. Ian is getting more and more excited to start school. I can’t believe he will in the fall! He is my little love. I can always count on a hug from Ian anytime, anyplace. I will miss that when he goes to school. Mason is now 18 months. He started to go to nursery and just loves it. He has begun talking more and loves to say his shapes, numbers and words like, “I don know.” He is one happy boy and will hug anyone he sees. Today during playgroup someone took a toy from him, when he couldn’t find me he just gave another Mom a hug and then went back to go play. 

We are currently working on a video of 2013 to show all of you. Should be done soon, so stayed tuned! We love you all.

So Far This Summer…


I am finally going to start this blog thing again! I still feel very busy but I want to make sure I keep family and friends updated. These pictures are a sneak peak of some of the things we have been up to this summer so far. We keep ourselves busy with walks on the lake, parks, the splash pad, baseball, our callings, and anything else having to do with our boys. Greg and I just got new callings that have taken more of our time and have stretched us individually and as a family in ways we would have never imagined. Aren’t the hardest things usually the things that are the best for us and bless our lives the most??? Greg and I feel this way about both parenting and callings. The Lord continues to mold us.

We are loving spending time outside with our boys and are trying to take advantage of all this sunshine. Here’s to an eventful summer…haha…with four boys it is always eventful! :)